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Electrically operated Automatic Lubrication Systems

Puma Lubrication Pump

PUMA grease pumps are electrically operated and are used in progressive type automated lube systems with Divider Blocks.

The multiport pump is equipped with an eccentric cam arrangement which operates with one or more discharge element pushing grease into lubrication lines. Versatile, compact and economical, this pump can be controlled with an external controller. The pump extends machinery life, reduces operating costs and increases productivity for usage in in-plant manufacturing and mobile markets. Operates with 12 & 24V DC; Available with 6 and 10 liters reservoir.

Technical Specifications

Type Electric driven, 24V DC power
Total Pump Elements 3
Reservoir Capacity 6 & 10 liters
Min. Pressure 20 bar
Max. Pressure 400 bar
Operating Temperature -30 to 70 deg. C
Lubricant Viscosity Grease upto NLGI 2
Lube Outlet Size 1/4” npt - F
Lube Outlet/ Pump element 4 cc.

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Features of PUMA Pump

  • Rugged, yet economical for any grease application

  • Operates on 24V DC power supply

  • Uses upto three pump elements for thrice the output

  • Easy to handle. Compact size fits into small spaces

  • Stirring paddle keeps grease from separating

Divider Blocks

DB series Divider Blocks are ideal for applications where space is limited. They are available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 outlet versions, each with an output of 0.2 cc. per cycle. The blocks are designed to provide a relatively simple and inepensive method of centralizing or automating the lubrication of machinery bearings. Integrated with Puma grease pump and an external controller, these divider blocks typically dispense small measured amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals while production machines are operating, ensuring trouble-free operation.

Technical Specifications

Min. Pressure 20 bar
Max. Pressure 400 bar
Output Per Stroke Per Outlet 0.2 cc/ min
Number of Outlets Available 6, 8, 10 & 12
Lubricante Grease upto NLGI 2
Operating Temperature -10 to 70 deg. C
Lube Inlet Size 1/8” bspt - F
Lube Outlet Size 1/8” bspt - F

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Features of DB Series Divider Blocks
  • Integrated poppet check valves ensure best positive output

  • Outlet ports machined to accept standard pipe thread fittings

  • Corrosion resistant nitriding withstands the most extreme environments

  • All surfaces precision machined to prevent geometric deformations

  • Manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards


Lubrication Controller (LC-01):


  • Compact timer mounts easily in operator’s cabin

  • Simple timing set up

  • Timer mode

  • Display indicates pump on, pause time, alarm (fault indicators) error code

  • 24 VDC power voltage

  • Indicator lights for alarm, power on, pump mode, timer mode

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Pressure Switch :

Pressure Setting: 75-175 bar

Tubing and Fittings :

All Fittings are carbon steel compression type, which are as per DIN Standards 2353

Hoses :

Hoses considered are high pressure - reputed make for main line and feed Lines

  • Lube Controller is multi- functional and dynamically interacts with solenoid valve & pressure switch

  • Pneumatic Vent Valve Vents/ relieves the inbuilt system pressure back into the reservoir

  • Follower Plate force feeds grease to the inlet of the pump and uses a rubber wiper ring sealing the grease underneath the plate

  • FM-1 Injectors seal life lasts longer ensuring efficient performance.Pressure Switch has reliable sealed piston design for long life and can sense grease pressure up to 3,200 psi

  • Level Indicator assembly incorporated with a limit switch works in conjunction to provide auto indication of the lubricant level in the reservoir